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Dear Year 11 students,

lightbulb 2, clipartlord, pdThe pinboard of recent research below as well as the list of possible study options above should serve as a useful starting point for you. Select a topic that interests you and try to turn it into a question that could be the focus of your research investigation. Then search for related studies, saving links to any that seem promising and gradually refining your question. 

For instance, after reading the study on the pinboard that explores the relationship between adolescent marijuana use and cognitive performance, you might formulate the question:

How does marijuana use affect the social and cognitive development of teenagers?

As you can see, this question is somewhat broader than the study. You would need to look for more studies that might allow you to tackle all parts of this question. In the process, you might refine the question you wish to ask, depending on the studies you find. Slowly you will build up a range of studies and begin to narrow your options for your research investigation. You need to find three related studies, one of which will be your featured study.

Once you begin your own frenetic googling, be careful to type specific search terms in the search bar. For instance: “psychological studies, marijuana use in adolescence, effects” will deliver more useful options than just “marijuana”. Whenever you find a really well-explained study that other students might also like to use, copy a link to it and put it in a comment on this post. Gradually we will build up a long list of useful and revealing studies.

Kind regards and happy hunting!

Ms Green and Ms Corbo

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Psychology – Research Investigation

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