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Dear Year 11 Psychology students,

Welcome to the new school year. Thank you for choosing the subject of Psychology, with its rewarding mixture of human stories and scientific research. 

The “Research Investigation” (Area of Study 3) is a challenging task. The main rule is: don’t panic. This assignment is all about learning and exploring the diverse field of psychology that you have chosen to study. Select a topic that you find interesting and then enjoy deepening your knowledge.

Break complicated tasks into parcels…

Most important of all, avoid stress by breaking the task into small, manageable parcels of work. Tackle your workload in do-able chunks; this approach will help you in other subjects as well. Following these instructions should help:

♦Chunk 1: Select a key study that interests you. See the long list of links below our instructions for ideas and starting points. There is also a “pinboard” that will allow you to visualise the range of possibilities. Feel free to search for and contemplate other options as well.

♦Chunk 2: Write an open research question that relates to your key study. Here are some examples of appropriate wording, in which we have employed phrasing that requires exploration of possibilities, rather than a closed, yes-no answer: 

  • How does stress influence the ageing of the brain?
  • To what extent and in what circumstances is multi-tasking possible?
  • How does the use of marijuana affect the social and cognitive development of teenagers?
  • In what ways (if any) does stress affect women differently from men?
  • In what ways can biofeedback benefit people’s health?
  • How does learning change the physical structure of the brain?

♦Chunk 3: Find another, related study on a similar topic. This will allow you to extend your writing and contemplate another perspective. If you are able to find two related studies, that would be ideal.


Finally, here is a handy plug-in and/or app that can be used on laptops, smartphones or tablets: Pocket allows you to save all the articles you find and so maintain an online digital logbook of your reading, accessible on all your devices: iOS | Android | Chrome | Safari. This could be useful in other subjects as well. 

Kind regards from Ms Green, Ms Corbo and Ms Bottrell

Useful websites for independent exploration:

Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation 

Forbes: Top 10 Psychology and Brain Science Studies of 2015 (see links to earlier years as well)

Links to specific subjects and studies:







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Psychology – Research Investigation


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