Unit 2 Revision – 2018

Sensation and Perception

Knowledge Revision

Practice Short Answer Questions

Begin by brainstorming the key terms that would need to be identified and explained in each answer. For instance, in an answer to the question on visual sensation, you would have to refer to reception, transduction and transmission. What else?


  • Gestalt principles of perceptual organisation: Explain how two of the Gestalt principles might be applied by a perceiver, with reference to a specific visual stimulus of your choice. Possible stimuli: brain tree,scrambledpartial faces, wild animals


  • Visual sensation and the human eye: Outline the process of visual sensation, with reference to the structures and functions of the relevant components of the eye.


  • Depth cues and depth perception: In the quadrangle at lunchtime, you notice a large group of students in the distance and two trees of similar size, one relatively close to you and one further away. A student walks towards you and holds out a note for you to read. With close reference to this description, identify two pictorial cues and one non-pictorial cue that would permit you to perceive depth in this situation. 


  • Perceptual set/expectancy: Explain the meaning of the term “perceptual set”. Give an example of a situation in which your own experience or motivation influences your interpretation of a scene and leads you towards perceptual hypotheses that support swift and accurate perceptual judgements.


  • Illusions: What is an illusion? Give an example of an illusion, outline the error that is commonly made and add an explanation of how the stimulus is believed to lead to perceptual error.
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