Introduction to the Brain

The resources below provide an overview of that most complex of organs, the human brain.

First of all, there is a video from Hank Green, the master explainer from the Crash Course Psychology series, with an accompanying handout that will help you to remember all the details that he presents with his irresistible combination of wisdom, scholarship and humour.

The next video shows the work of Suzano Herculano-Huzel, who has found a way to estimate the number of neurons in the human brain and so to cleverly compare our brains with those of other primates as well as those of mammals. You can consolidate your learning from her TedTalk by completing this accompanying quiz.

Next, there is a downloadable handout with a short, sharp summary of the historical approaches to the study of the brain. Use it to become conversant with some of the new vocabulary required for this topic.

Finally, there is a short list of recommended websites at the bottom of this page. Each provides straightforward and clearly written summaries of the brain and its structures.

Video 1: Meet Your Master: Getting to Know Your Brain

Video 2: What is so special about the human brain?

Recommended Websites

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