From Primate to Human

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rodent brain, primate brainThe TED talk presented below by Suzana Herculano-Huzel,  an eminent neuroscientist, should whet your appetite for our first major unit of study: the human brain.

This creative and determined scientist had heard many times that our brain contained about 100 billion neurons. Rather than take this figure for granted, especially as she had not been able to discover the original source of this assumption, she invented a systematic and innovative way to count the number of neurons in the human brain and indeed in the brains of other mammals. She used her findings to investigate the different kinds of mammalian brains and draw conclusions about what makes our brain different from that of other mammals – and yet similar to that of other primates.

After watching the video, try this quiz, which may jog your memory on the main points and even inspire you to a second viewing of the presentation.

Video of a patient whose brain is being electrically stimulated during an operation to remove a tumour:

An example of MRI-guided laser ablation surgery:


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